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EMF - Time we woke up to the sleeping giant

Written by Anand Wells
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Electro Magnetic Frequencies form the fabric of our physical experience. Light is an EMF. However the Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) featuring in our modern communication are a brand new phenomena, historically speaking.  In the countless millennia humans have been around, technological advances in EMF occupy the merest speckle on the timeline. As a technology it's been revolutionary, making our lives more efficient and productive.   Yet these types of EMF are an absolute step into the unknown - an experiment on a global scale we've all unwittingly signed up for. The human body has its own delicate and sensitive electrical system so easily affected by the many frequencies penetrating our body daily. We're not biologically prepared to deal with the intensity and frequency of the radiation we now experience. 

As tobacco and asbestos before them - commercial interests are only now starting to take responsibility for the real danger these energies pose, as scientists provide incontrovertible proof of the sleeping giant now towering over us.   The technology of EMF is silent and invisible, always in destructive dialogue with our cells and our consciousness. 

Genetic mutation, cancer, immune system degeneration, autism and dementia - are just some of the well known manifestations of EMF radiation damage. Even weight control can be hugely influenced owing to EMF causing hormonal aberrations. Perhaps the more insidious influence is upon our quality of life - our happiness, harmony, vitality and energy.   We can accept that EMF is a relentless part of our life and we can enjoy the benefits this technology has to offer. 

How to minimise the harm? 

While all electronic devices have a degree of harmful emission, Mobile and cordless phones are the most regular and well known sources of hazardous EMF.

A few practical ways to reduce our exposure: 

* Use speaker phone, to keep the phone signal away from our heads 

* Use an old fashioned corded, non DECT landline phone 

* Switch off mobile phones whenever possible, for they still generate a signal when on standby. 

* Whenever possible, use text message service instead of voice calls. Keep voice calls brief in duration. 

* To prevent the phone over amplifying the signal, only make calls when signal strength is high, and not inside metal compartments eg cars or public transport. 

* Avoid all headset technology including the wired kind - the wire travelling along the body acts as an antennae for the signal. 

* Foods and supplements including freshwater algae (e.g. Chlorella) or sea vegetables (E.g. Kelp, Wakame or Dulse), bee pollen, hydrated bentonite, pectin (fibre found in apples), Lugols Iodine, garlic and Vitamin C, Bush Flower Essences and Homeopathy, can all support the body for dealing with many kinds of radiation exposure. 

Having briefly established the realities of EMF, we'll move on to discuss a far more dangerous expression of this radiation.  A more refined EMF technology now prolifically infiltrating all aspects of electronic communication worldwide. 

Wi Fi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity and is also referred to as Wireless or WAP, and made available through devices such as Bluetooth and the 'dongle' device used for connecting to the internet via the mobile phone network. It's turning up now in everything from modern cars to home entertainment systems. 

The real reality of the threat posed by Wi Fi is ignored at our absolute peril, and for some it's already proven too late.

Wireless technology experts Stephen and Lynda Kane say Wi Fi is one of the most insidious man-made environmental stresses. Apart from your health, it also damages the areas of your body that generate higher fact, meditation, or sleeping within a Wi Fi field amplifies the damage it causes. So there's an argument to be made for Wi Fi being the most effective method, yet devised, of dumbing down human awareness. 

Research indicates Wi Fi has been shown to have numerous biological effects which can lead to serious health consequences, including neurological, cardiological and hormonal disorders, breakdown of the blood-brain barrier, DNA damage, cancers, diabetes and asthma.

Children have thinner skulls and brains and nervous systems that are still developing; they are particularly vulnerable. Europe's top environmental watchdog, the European Environment Agency, is calling for immediate action to reduce exposure to radiation from WiFi. The warning follows an international scientific review which concluded that safety limits set for the radiation are "thousands of times too lenient." San Francisco and Sebastopol in the United States, and Thorold in Canada, have already banned public-access WiFi for health-related reasons. The German government has warned its citizens to avoid using WiFi because of the health risks. France's National Library has opted to go from wireless to wired due to concerns about health effects discussed in the BioInitiative Report written by 14 international scientists


Some helpful suggestions:


* Use LAN network and D-LAN plugs instead of Wireless Network 

* Avoid sleeping or meditating in a Wireless field 

* Removing immediate exposure in ones own environment makes the biggest difference, but do talk to friends and neighbours about the benefits in being Wireless-free. 

* This extremely valuable short article clearly explains some permanent solutions. Please share it:


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* Some helpful suggestions for creating a radiation free sleeping space:


* Some further discussion on EMF including Wi Fi.


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